Social capital for achieving #GlobalGoals in the Philippines, that's what this wiki is about.

This wiki is also one social media building block in a growing social media ecosystem. Its content is aligned with that of the global Actor Atlas.

How the content of this wiki harvests and catalyzes conversations on other social platforms is explained:

Please engage in collaborative sharing by tagging and commenting.

Soon the power law of participation __ will work for you, your friends and neighbours__!

Smart tagging of development content on social platforms such as Facebook, Twitter and Google+ supports the merging of topical conversations and viewpoints from stakeholders1 who care and share smart. On the basis of those conversations local social capital cocreators can consolidate local guidelines, which then can be accessed by all, in the Philippines, and abroad2.

The tweets with tag #everyonesnote show on which pages across Actor Atlas and country social capital sites there is recently tagged content. Please explore!

How to support citizens and other stakeholders in the Philippines in accessing knowledge for development is further explored at the Philippines Social Capital Google+ page. Circle it, or come back here for the most useful reference work innovation since Wikipedia.

Staying up to date in Google+

Add Philippines Social Capital to one of your circles and stay up to date on this site's news.

Pinterest Pinboard

There is also a Philippines Social Capital pinboard (Pinterest). Follow it, and if you have content to pin, contact us.

#socialmedia Capital for #GlobalGoals

Check #socialmedia capital for #GlobalGoals if you want to play an active role in the cocreation of social media capital for the Global Goals in your country, city or municipality.

Table of contents

Select the below button for a printable table of contents of this wiki (72 pages). Almost all pages define an individual tag for a topic related to development in the Philippines, and they have a comment function.

If you share content with a specific tag, then please also make a comment about it on the page introducing the tag.

See the #tagcoding for the Philippines for a one page overview of the below contents. A print view of #tagcoding for the Philippines is not meaningful though.