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Recent online news and announcements on economic activity ISIC #isic0113PH - Growing of vegetables and melons, roots and tubers in the Philippines.

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Towards sustainable practices

regime assessment (for the country)

(In the social capital wikis) options can be addressed at different levels in the social architecture1:

  1. What are suitable arrangements for training the human resources in this sector? (Pico level)
  2. What are preferable legal structures for producing the goods or delivering the services: cooperative, private corporation, public-private partnership, charity, membership organisation? (Micro level)
  3. What aspects of the sector assets should be managed in a cooperative (e.g. irrigation schemes), via charity, or in a sector federation? (Meso level)
  4. What are suitable fiscal and regulatory arrangements for the professions? Should the profession be protected? Should the sector be protected from foreign competition? Should the fiscal regime be local, national, or international? (Macro level)

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  • ISIC Rev. 4 description of #isic0113PH - Growing of vegetables and melons, roots and tubers (activity)
  • CPC Ver. 2 description of (product/service): Check Actor Atlas sector map for CPC correspondences of leafy or stem vegetables such as: artichokes, asparagus, cabbages, cauliflower and broccoli, lettuce and chicory, spinach, other leafy or stem vegetables. Fruit bearing vegetables such as: cucumbers and gherkins, eggplants (aubergines), tomatoes, watermelons, cantaloupes, other melons and fruit-bearing vegetables. Root, bulb or tuberous vegetables such as: carrots, turnips, garlic, onions (incl. shallots), leeks and other alliaceous vegetables, other root, bulb or tuberous vegetables. Mushrooms and truffles. Vegetable seeds, except beet seeds. Sugar beet. Other vegetables. Roots and tubers such as: potatoes, sweet potatoes, cassava, yams and other roots and tubers.
  • Actor Atlas class-level sector map: #isic0113PH - Growing of vegetables and melons, roots and tubers

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